March 27, 2017; Day 86

#1:53pm; Ameliah in the dance studio


#180 = 2:31pm; me out the front of my High School


There’s a really funny and stupid story about today’s photo which has also taught me a huge lesson. I was teaching Hip Hop at my High School and Ameliah is today’s photo (obviously). However, my camera ran out of battery so I ran around the school asking for AA batteries. Much to my delight, I got my hands on some batteries and was able to take Ameliah’s photo. BUT when I put in the new batteries, my camera thought that I had a new roll in the camera when in reality I had 2 exposures left. Unsure of what was happening, how many exposures exactly I had left or how to fix this, I took two photos of Ameliah to be safe. After I took the second photo, the camera started winding itself meaning I had just finished the roll. This also meant that I didn’t have an exposure for her to take a photo of me and I hadn’t packed a spare roll of film! So I ended up driving back home, picking up a new roll and driving back to school to get Ameliah to take her photo of me. This has really taught me to keep spare rolls when moving around and I haven’t had this problem since!

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