January 18, 2017; Day 18

#41 = 6:30pm; Sophie at the beach as it started to rain


#42 = 6:32pm; me at the beach


#43 = 6:37pm; group of boys [Morgs on the far left?, guy who saved Remi third from left, boy who kept smiling at me holding Remi on far right]


#44 = 6:40pm; Sophie, Jeh, Remi and I [taken by Morg?]


Today I found out what it feels like to not ask for names. It feels absolutely terrible. The group of boys camped next to us at the beach and one of them saved my dog Remi from slipping between two big rocks (thank you dearly). All of them were playing with Remi and I asked them as we were all packing up to leave if I could take a photo of them. The guy on the far right ran off to pick up Remi to have her in their family portrait style photo. He then asked if we wanted one back and got his friend Morg (as I can remember) to take the photo. We parted ways and I didn’t ask any of them for their names. I felt a tad ashamed and upset so I actually looked for them for a little bit because I drove and I saw them walking. I was unsuccessful and now I know I need to ask for names next time I ask a stranger

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