January 13, 2017; Day 13

Back in Sydney

#29 = 6:14pm; Naomi, Lauren, Chantelle, Lisa and Cooper sitting on rocks


Day 13 was a breakthrough day for me as the first day I had to ask a stranger for a photo. I was at the beach swimming with Steph from Day 8 and my dog Remi, two people/dogs that I couldn’t take a photo of. Remi stole a tennis ball from two golden retrievers playing in the water [pictured on the left hand side of #28] and I had to walk pass a fine looking group of people to return the ball. I conjured up the courage to ask them post being rejected by a mother and son and after explaining the project to them, they were more than happy for me to take a quick flick and vice versa!

#30 = 6:16pm; me standing on rocks [taken by Cooper]


Very proud of myself for this day



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